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   August 23, 2014
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What is a Soul Reading?

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A Soul Reading allows us to explore the depth of You, for You. Let us translate the ideas of energy, emotion and divinity, into something You can use, while seeing Your Self as more than what your physical eyes see.

A Soul Reading is meant to reveal the lies that weaken the view of the Self and provide a means to make changes that allow the creation of a better life.

It may be through Inner Child understandings, direction from your Guides, or understanding from Physical or Energy Bodies; whatever form the guidance takes, it will be in the best form for You to understand and use.

We view the Human life as a journey, one that is unfolding day by day; one that is directly impacted by the thoughts of the mind that result in decisions and actions in the real world.  A Soul Reading is meant to reveal the lies that weaken our view of the Self and provide a means to make changes that allow the creation of the best life that You are able to live.

All Soul Readings are offered in person at my home in New Brunswick, Canada OR "from a distance" to anyone who cannot come to my home.

Customer Feedback:  I had a most powerful Soul Reading which caused me to truly make a deep commitment to healing my desperation and healing my life. Donna was very present with me as I took the next step, and then the next, back to life - she was there to provide clarification, insight, and encouragement through the following months of challenging self-growth work. No other channel has been so crystal clear, so respectfully present, and true for me. I have worked with various gifted healers, psychics, and energy workersthroughout my adult life. Donna has been the best fit for me.


What is the intent in each reading?

In connecting to do all the different kinds of soul readings we offer, I hold the same intention each time. Meaning? In the detailed explanations given for each reading in the following website pages, I am putting into words my intent as I connect to do that reading. These details are what "I" am looking for, seeking to connect to and reveal for You in that reading. The messages are different for each person and so each reading is unique in its expression. What this means is that every person does not get the same subject matter covered in the same way.

How can a reading be done "from a distance"?

Since the connection for all readings begins with the Soul Essence (or Soul Self) and not the Human Self, the human does not need to be present in the room. We do need permission to access and that is given when the request for any kind of session or reading is made. These distance readings are NOT done on the telephone. I sit quietly, and call the soul essence of the client in, connect and record the reading and then send that recording to the client.

What if I have questions or clarifications about what has been said?

For each reading, in person or from a distance, there is a two month window for any kind of clarifying questions. These questions can be asked using the telephone or through email. You may contact me as often as You need to, in those two months.

Each reading is saved to my hard drive and kept there for two months. So, if the CD is lost or damaged, or something happens to the download, the reading itself is not lost. After two months, the reading is deleted. As well, keeping copies of the readings enables questions to be asked via email as well as telephone.
 My  office computer is used exclusively by me, ALL information is kept confidential; any printed emails are shredded when no longer needed.

On the telephone, I will need a brief summary of the message You have a question about and through that information, we  connect to the energies of that message and clarify anything that was said. We DO NOT access any new information, but can clarify anything that was said.

If using email, we ask for a minute reference. i.e. "in minute 23 the message about ", then the clarifying question(s) below that reference and we will listen to the reading, reconnect and reply.

How often would I have a Soul Reading?

Some clients have a Soul Reading once or twice a year, to check in and see where they are and where they are headed; to understand how their human life is unfolding with their soul journey.

For others, a reading is needed only when things shift and change in life, in such a way that they are not clear on what actions to take, or why they are where they are and so they seek a Soul Reading for clarity as they feel the need.

There is no tried and fast rule about when or how often. In our service to You, we seek to provide the clarity that You, on Your own, are having difficulty finding. We are of service to You but we are not providing to You, anything that You are not capable of doing for Your Self.

Soul Reading, the Details:

- 20 to 30 minutes in messages
- 3 personal questions, explained below
- 2 names for soul contracts, explained below
- digitally recorded
- recording given to You in person OR through download on the Internet OR mailed on a CD to You
- shipping costs vary

Each session is $95.00 Canadian Dollars.
(PLUS Shipping if needed)

Payable using Cash in Person, or
through the Internet using Pay Pal or Email Money Transfer.
Or payable using Personal Cheque inside of Canada only.

What does it mean, personal questions?

We give You the opportunity to ask three personal questions. This is to be sure that You get from the reading what You are really hoping for. This is particularly important in the readings that are done from a distance.

What to ask? If You think about why You want a reading, the questions You need to ask will come. These questions can include questions about health, now or in the future; money and career: emotional behaviors You are trying to understand; changes or goals You are trying to achieve.  Anything about YOU as You live Your life. These questions DO NOT involve any other people. Questions about other people are "soul contracts".

Soul Contracts, what are Soul Contracts?

A soul contract is the term we use when we view the relationships between people. It is as if two souls have entered into a contract to come together during a lifetime. You could also call these two questions, the relationship questions.

You provide us with two (2) names; first, and last names as they are using them now, not necessarily their birth names.  If the middle names are available, they are useful but not necessary.

For those still alive, we use the name to connect to the "contract" You have with that person. We intend to view the dynamics of this relationship, how You "dance" together in this lifetime. What is being learned and how are You serving each other?  Why are You in each other's lives? Past life connections are often revealed, but only those that impact this life.

 If the person is passed over, the year of their death is required; if within the last year, the exact date is needed. 

For those already passed over, usually, we connect to them at the time of their death and then follow them through to where they are now. We view their connection to You during that time. Sometimes, we can still connect to the "dance" that You had together, but not always.

For both, alive and passed over soul contracts, a maximum of two questions can be asked of each name. Questions such as: how can I get this person to "hear" me? Or how can I find closure with this person?

So basically the difference between a personal question and a soul contract is simply this:

How can I be a good mother; is a personal question. 
How can I be a good mother to Sarah; is a soul contract question.

Customer Feedback:  I have had numerous Soul Readings with Donna over the past  8 years --- during periods of difficulty or when questions have arisen concerning my spiritual path, or issues arising from my relationships with dear ones, issues of both a "spiritual" nature as well as more "mundane" issues.

Donna has been able to offer clear, precise, "right-on" and most often deeply profound insight and, most especially, spiritually helpful Guidance that has truly served me.  Donna's Soul Readings have been deeply instructive---I have come to trust her work and deeply value it. I feel alot of gratitude to have Donna in my life ---- and I have never met her physically!  All her Readings have been "distance Readings."  I heartfully recommend Donna Somerville's work!  ---

SC, Watertown, MA, USA


Below is a brief explanation of the other kinds of soul readings offered. Click on the title of the reading and it will take You to a page where the reading is explained in greater detail.

We created these various other kinds of soul readings out of the needs of the clients over the years. Each reading has its own purpose and is directed to that purpose, by intention. We are still following the same approaches that have been explained in the Soul Reading section, but now with a different purpose. 

"Check in" Soul Reading was created when friends asked if we could just "check in" and see what was going on. This a brief, 15 minute reading where we simply do a scan of the energies and report to You about them. 

A Soul Contract Reading focuses only on relationships. No messages, no guidance, just the exploration of additional relationships. Why? Clients found the information given for the two names explored in their Soul Reading useful and so asked if they could have a reading just to review more names.  The result was the creation of a Soul Contract Reading. 

An "Extensive" Soul Contract Reading focuses on only one particular relationship. No messages, no guidance, just the exploration in greater detail, of one relationship. Why? The information clients received in a regular soul contract in the other readings was simply not enough. They then asked how they could get more detail. This is where the "Extensive" Soul Contract Reading came into being. 

Then there is the "dance" with Your partner, friend or lover? Clients asked to go more deeply into the relationship they had with their partners and from that need the Soul Partnership Reading was created.

In exploring "contracts" energetically, through experimentation, we discovered that a relationship exists between a business and its owner. From that experiment, a Soul Reading for Business was created to explore Your business.

And finally, clients asking for more extensive information on their children through their soul contracts with them, led us to explore the journey with children, in a Soul Reading for Children.