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Getting Out of Your Head.


Friends, my husband David Somerville and I have recently discovered a new perspective on our Soul Journey and wanted to share it with you. In these changing times, one of the phrases we hear most often is that “we need to get out of our heads”. But what does that really mean? And, more importantly, how do we do that? After much discussion, we have an idea.

What if...we are on this Soul Journey, not for lessons but for evolution?

What if...a Soul Journey can now be about the re-creation of a
Powerful Partnership between our elegant and beautiful minds
and our open and loving hearts?

What if...we “get out of our heads”, not by “getting into our hearts”
but by developing a Powerful Partnership between the two?



First. Get a Soul Reading.
Previously, readings were used as a psychic way to gather more information for our mind to use, to arm itself. The use of a “psychic” was to see the future and prepare for it. But a Soul Reading is not to predict the future but to explore the past! What if a simple Soul Reading could map out a healing path that can lead to a powerful partnership, uniting a Divine Heart with a Divine Mind?
Second. Free the Heart to become Divine.

This requires methods such as Inner Child Work, and Restorative Reiki to access the wounds of the past that block and convince heart that is must defend itself against the mind; against the future, against trust, against Divine. Once heart is more open, clear of the past wounds, and beginning to trust, we can turn to healing of the mind.

Third. Free the mind to discover Divine.
Working with David Somerville, using modalities such as Transformative Belief Work, David can access the beliefs, habitual behavior and reactions of the mind, that now dictate our behavior and reactions to life. With the Creator’s insight, beliefs are transformed and our mind is free to imagine more than what the past offered. The Divine Mind becomes available.
For this process to “work” we need both parts! Heart to be freed of the past with its threats and wounds; Mind to be freed of its defensive decisions and guardedness against trust. Once both are free, they can each discover that they are Divine and here the building of the partnership begins.

Fourth. Build the partnership.
Using Meditation, Mentoring and Classrooms we offer a new source of guidance that requires Heart to hear the Divine and Mind to use the Divine. This is a new way to live; a new way to trust and use life. We now educate ourselves to become creative, not reactive. We can now become “more than just human”.
We wish to offer you our service and support in this new Soul Journey. To recreate the Powerful Partnership of your Divine Heart and Divine Mind.

I am the Heart Worker. David is the Mind Worker. We both are mentors and teachers. May we offer you our services?
We believe that we can now access energies that have never before been upon this planet. And so, as human beings, we can become more Divine than ever before – but only as Divine as our beliefs allow.

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