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A course of discovery, activation, clearing and growth.



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David Somerville, using sound to clear blockages and providing access to what the deepest levels of Heart.

Donna Somerville, directing the journey within to those deepest levels of Heart; creating a safe place to explore, discover and bring to the surface what is yours, now!


A small group of eight - ten  (8-10) people coming together in ceremony to remember the power in the Deepest Levels of the Heart.

We connect, we clear,

we open our voice to our Heart. 

LOCATION: My Home, Waasis NB. 

20 min. to Fred'ton, 10 to Oromocto NB.

Accessing the Deeper 

Levels of Heart

9:00 am to 11 am.

Saturday March 16th

$45 per person.


For our life, for our world, to continue in its change and progress we need to bring to forward the deeper secrets of the Heart. The power of the Heart was buried long ago and now is the time for that power to return! 


FIRST  A meditative process where Donna brings you, with awareness, into the deeper levels of your Heart Chakra.


THEN David uses sound to dissolve blockages and re tune the Heart to a new frequency.


THE RESULT,  blockages are dissolved and a new vibration from Your Divine Heart becomes available.


AND NOW, we make a guided journey through this newly tuned Heart to the Goddess within the Heart. 


CONNECTION is made and brings to life the voice of the Heart, the voice of Goddess within the Heart.


VOICES ARE USED to create access to this deeper level of Heart, using your own voice in a sound or chant that can only come from the Goddess within the Your Own Heart.


A UNIQUE expression arising from each participant.

A DISCOVERY of the vocal expression of Heart and Goddess.

AN EXPANSION available to each person, individually, into their own Heart, their own relationship with the Goddess within the Heart. 

A course of discovery,

activation and growth, gently but determinedly

expanding into the “Divine Human you can become”.

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