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CARD number four

 Be gentle with yourself. There is so much happening within you and around you that you are not recognizing. We can see it all, as you cannot yet and our counsel is to go gentle into this day. You are not in danger, mistake us not. You are in change, in flux, in movement from one way living to another. Often you are so caught up in making it through each day, getting done all that needs doing, that you miss how you are growing; how you are demonstrating your changing self to the world in those very doings. You are movement. Yes, we do not say you "are in" movement, we say you "are movement". Meaning? Your perspectives, your reasons for doing what you are doing are changing, adjusting to your shifting times and these shifting energies. So much movement is challenging in a form that likes its routines and it's structures. You are here to be a different kind of human. The power, the intiative of an open mind is yours now. This changes things. Your mind is open. Your mind continues to open. That is movement. An opening mind is recreating the hows, the whats, the very structures of your living. What matters starts not to matter. What never mattered before, is now suddenly important. As a human, with structures in flux, you are doing ever so well. We say again, be gentle with yourself this day. Offered from my heart to yours. 

SOUL CARDS by Deborah Koff Chapin. There are two different decks, and the cards here are from the first deck. You can see more about Deborah's work, and these cards at :


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