SOUL CARDS by Deborah Koff Chapin. There are two different decks, and the cards here are from the first deck. You can see more about Deborah's work, and these cards at :

There are those who would have you think that we all live in the same world. Be aware this can be true but does not have to be true. Some see the world around them through the clouds of their hurt and anger. That world can be seen as the enemy. That world calls one to be living on the defensive all the time; preparing for the next hurt, the next attack. But a vision that is unclouded by hurt and anger, can in fact, see a different world. This day we suggest that you separate yourself from the visions of those around you. Step away from others ideas and statements of what the world is. Let go, untie yourself, from the world of bad economies, troubled teens, growing drug use, and see "your" world. Play with the idea that each person is in their own world; not in a selfish, exclusive or excluding way but see what actually is around you! When in your own economy, your own family, your own view of your world, your "Eden" can come back to life. Do not ignore anything. But instead focus on your piece of this world, and take care of it. See your world as it truly is, and respond to its needs. Decide that another's view of the world, is not your view. Once that decision is made, your work begins. What do you see in your immediate piece of the world? What/Who needs you in your world? Where is your attention best placed right now? Look up, right now, and see "your" world. What needs your attention, right here, right now? Where are you really? Whose eyes are you looking through when you look around yourself? Food for thought. Offered from my heart to yours. 


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