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CARD number three

SOUL CARDS by Deborah Koff Chapin. There are two different decks, and the cards here are from the first deck. You can see more about Deborah's work, and these cards at :

Say what you see. A simple piece of guidance but perhaps not so easy to follow. For before you can say what you see, you must first "see" what is there, in front of you; what is real. Not what was, not what might be, but what IS. Our very clever and very intelligent mind wants to add to what the eyes would tell it. As if what the eyes see, the truth of it, is not enough. In grammar it is called "adjectives". Words to describe in more detail what is seen. But often times, in the details, in extra bits, are embellishments to make the story more appealing, more exciting. Also here, the mind slips in assumptions and conclusions about what it all means. Say what you see, only! Be aware, this day, of what you are saying. How much are you adding to the story, to add to its drama. Be aware of how the truth of what you want to say, can become clouded over by the telling of that truth. Is the original truth you set out to say, still available? Is it still there? Say what you see, first. If explanation is required, wait for the question that asks for more detail. Wait. Say what you see and then wait before you say any more. Simple. Yes. And in the doing, very revealing of how much the mind can take truth and mold it by simply adding details, sometimes unecessary. Say what you see, only, today. Offered from my heart to yours. 


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