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CARD number two

The peace in any moment of your day, begins in your vision. Easy enough to start out your day calm and peaceful after your morning meditation. But the true dance with peace is its maintenance out in the world as you also dance with events, and people. We are suggesting that the peace dance is maintained by your choice of sight. Are you seeing what is around you with your physical eyes only? Can you also engage and see with your third eye, the sixth chakra? This sight needs permission to be allowed to operate and give you feedback at all times. We suggest you be brave and say yes to open the whole of your vision. Third eye vision is not just for meditative moments. It can bring you insight beyond what your mind can figure out. It can allow you to understand what is not sensible to the mind. Take time each day to focus and breath into the third eye, the sixth chakra, and gently allow it to be as open as it needs to be. Trust the intelligence of the chakra, instead of a decision of your mind to demand open. Then let yourself, through your breaths, feel the pulse of the sixth chakra in its aliveness. Now give yourself permission to be connected to third eye vision for as much of the day that serves you. Again no mind decision, instead allowance. Now, as you move through your day let third eye show you more than colors. It can you know. Let it show you understanding, and insight. You have the tools. Time to engage them. It is truly time to see with understanding. Amen. Offered from my heart to yours. 

SOUL CARDS by Deborah Koff Chapin. There are two different decks, and the cards here are from the first deck. You can see more about Deborah's work, and these cards at :


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