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beyond books, beyond messages
Your Own Personal Workshops


"if I can do THIS, what else can I do?"



Allow us to create for You, Your unique Spiritual Practice Program that can guide your development. You will be directed by Your Soul Essence about what to focus on in your journey; what exercises, mantras, meditations and ceremonies would be most useful to You now. Click here and focus your development using our Personal Spiritual Practice Session. Click here for the details. 


A correspondence course created to walk You through the process of developing your intuition, step by step. You decide the pace. There is homework in this 121 page manual, but You decide. Want to know more, click here!

Your abilities/gifts are developing and You are wondering how to develop further? OR If You can do this for a living? How, where to begin? Click here and we can begin together. Allow us to connect to Your Soul Essence and create Your Personal Course to developing Your Intuition more completely. One Service Soul to another, we are at your service. Here we go! Click Here!

During our eight year Meditation Classroom, we recorded various evening's meditations and  had them produced. These are now offered here for You. A Guided Visualization Meditation that carries You on a journey, deep within Your Self.  Create your own Meditation Class. Develop your ability to meditate by starting with a guided meditation that "uses" the mind. Want to know more? Click here. 

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