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exploring creative emotions




Why  Choose

This Classroom? 



To learn how to maintain a higher vibration in your body, freeing you from your past, and strengthening your present moment by using  the language of the High Vibration, Creative Emotions such as Joy; Freedom; Unlimited Potential, Surrender and others. 

Learn how to match the vibration of Your Present Moment Self with Your Fullest Potential Self! 


This Classroom first educates The Real Mind about the power of these higher frequency, creative emotions.  Then uses meditation to engage The Divine Heart to direct the use of those powerfully creative emotions into your present moment. 

New Tools are Yours!

YES, your emotions can be your tools instead of your reactions. How?

Learn to let go of the lower frequency, reactive emotions  and replace them. Replace them with your new found ability and strength to call up and hold the space of Joy! Freedom! Unlimited Potential! and Surrender!


Meet Your Fullest Potential Self!

Restore the Divine Partnership


Real Mind and Divine Heart

One Creative Emotion at a time! 

Questions about anything that you see here.

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an audio classroom


Over four weeks, in this classroom we explored four of the many Creative Emotions.

We began with Joy, Freedom, Surrender and Unlimited Potential. 

Joy? The ability to access and hold the frequency of Joy in the body.

Freedom? The sensation and awareness of how Freedom expresses itself in your life.

Surrender? The challenge, chakra by chakra, to Surrender that which prevents Joy, Freedom, and Unlimited Potential from being held consistently in your life.

Unlimited Potential? Infusing each chakra with the energy of  Unlimited Potential, that is available to you this lifetime. 

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