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activation of the goddess chakra

The Power of the Goddess is .... 

The Feminine Creator;

The Soft Strong;

The Feminine Voice;

The Inventive Creative;

The Female Warrior;

The Voice of Magic ...

And so much more.

Goddess 3.jpg

Imagine the power of conception,

brought into the whole of your life!!

Accessing a chakra that previously,

only opened naturally

at the age of the Crone

or after menopause.

With the shifts of 2012,  Goddess Chakra

is now available

to all women,

at all ages.  


There is a power within the womb that allows women to conceive life and bring children into this world.  It is miraculous connection to creation itself. 

Now imagine if that power could be brought into the whole of your life, into the whole of your body.  


By activating the Goddess chakra within the womb.

Previously this chakra opened quite naturally, but only once the child bearing years were complete.

Originally the power of The Crone only!

And now....

This power is available to all women, at all child bearing ages.

We work together to bring this goddess power into the chakra system, harmonizing it with the entire chakra system. Once activated, it can increase the power to create on all levels. The power of conception - the power of creation, brought into your life on all levels.

A powerful chakra, which together we will activate and bring into harmony and coherence with the entire chakra system giving you access to the Wisdom of Crone and the power of Creation!

Session done In Person, On Line. 

Usually 45-50 minutes, recorded. 

Investment in Your Goddess Power:

 $130.00 + taxes Cdn. 



Session done Online. 


Does the idea of this session make your heart sing!!

Then ...
Contact me directly.
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Reach out to Your Goddess 

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