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Interested in what clients have to say about these Sessions?


 I often see Traditional Reiki as "COURAGE",

energetic courage to remind You and Your Body

"Yes, You can!".

Session Available,

In Person OR On Line. 

Usually 45-60 minutes. 

Investment in Your Healing:

$100.00 Cdn. 


In this session, we begin with the Traditional Usui Reiki method to facilitate Your Connection to the Divine. This Divine Reiki connection reminds You, and Your Body, who You are, where You came from and what power that truly gives You.


Once we are connected to the Divine, I/We begin to tune into and "listen" for what You, Your Body, needs in this session. We connect to the Soul Essence of You and "read" Your body. I/We can then "hear" the body, see the energy and feel what is needed.


With this divine connection, we become aware of a focus for the session. Taking into account why You think You have come, and adding to that what Your Body tells us is the truth of the matter, we can then work with the Creator to facilitate the changes needed.


Now the RESTORATIVE part begins.


As the session progresses, our "listening" can show us wounds not yet healed or hurts not yet realized. The Divine Reiki then brings these to the surface and seeks to release them gently. I/We listen further and then emotional body opens and .... more clearings are completed.  If needed we will enter, together, in a talking coached conversation with the Inner Child of Your Heart to restore connection and partnership within Your Self. If required, I/We move into the Theta processes to facilitate energy downloads and clearings as the body opens more, and the energy body clears and restores to it fullest possible strength.


This combination of Traditional Usui Reiki, Divine Listening, Inner Child Work, and Theta processes can restore peace, creating balance and room for more change to begin and then continue over the following days and weeks.


Restore Peace, Create Balance!


When You leave the table, You are a new person; a new version of Your Self and that New Self will continue to evolve, strengthen and grow over the coming days and weeks. 


Recommendation:   We recommend a session once a month as a tune up, to stay ahead of the dance between life and your reactions to it. A Restorative Reiki Session is not just for times of crisis and chaos.

Traditional Usui Reiki is often thought of as a "hands on" treatment and so a session that is to be done in person. But Traditional Reiki also allows for distance work using a specific symbol brought to us through Dr. Usui. Use of that symbol for distance work, enables us to do this

Restorative Reiki Session, on line as well as in person.



virus crisis price - $80 per session
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