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As we live our life we form connections to the people in our life. Sometimes, we can feel overwhelmed by the sense of obligation, responsibility or we are simply fighting the expectations that others have of us.


All of those expectations and obligations get in the way of  the love, the caring we truly want to share. It is as if we get "tied up" and cannot find the love that we started with; whether that is the love of an adult child for an aging parent, a parent for a maturing child or the love between intimate partners. Those connections can often feel more like puppet strings that each of us fight with in power struggles. We can feel the loss of the connection we used to have.


As well, when a relationship ends due to divorce or death, how do we deal with the remanents of that relationship? How do we "finish" lovingly? How do we "remember" AND move on?

Free to enter into a new relationship.


Enter into an old relationship  in a "new way"!

The Mother can find the daughter, in this new young woman before her. 


The wife can find romance in her heart, remember love 

for a spouse of 10 years. 


The widow can hold onto the memories without being held in place by them. 


All can move on. Why?


Because the Heart Cord that connects the two of you,

can be Repaired!


The Heart Cord when repaired, strengthens the connection, 

heart to heart, that is permanent;

that is beyond "human relationship"


allows the hearts to feel connected

despite any human changes. 


Available On Line

or Telephone.

Session: Usually

45-60 minutes. 

Investment in Your Healing:

 $130.00 + taxes Cdn. 


Contact me directly.
Use this form.

What if there was a way to remember the love,

the goodness

in that relationship?


What if we could affirm

our hearts' connection and 

let go of the "games" and obligations?


And, what if we could love 

and still be able

to move on;

to grow;

to trust life and love again?


The "way"

to this is a

Heart Cord Repair



In a Heart Cord Repair Session

we are offering a loving way to close the door on relationships

that need to be finished, or create change in relationships that feel "stuck" and need to evolve

and change. 


Heart Cord Repair creates an opportunity to decide again, what place this relationship has in your life, or if it has a place in your life. 


Heart Cord Repair can wipe the slate clean and make space for beginning again. Enter into a new relationship OR enter into an old relationship  in a "new way"!

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