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This form of coaching combines all of my abilities and experience, and offers them to You, tailored to Your Desires NOW.


In a Life in Order Coaching Session we will use:

talk therapy, channeling, my ability to “see through” to the truth, as well as the healing modalities of Theta Healing, Reiki, Inner Child Work, and Heart Cord Repair.

In a Life in Order Coaching Session we are working, together, to bring order to the life You want.

These sessions are tailored


to work with You from

Where You are Now to

Where You Want To Be!

We connect, “see through” to the truth of You, and then from Your Higher Self, direct each session to bring You to the goals You have, to open You to the abilities that are yours.

Here is your opportunity -

Take the lead in the

Direction Your Life.


Become the “Star” of Your Life.

You come with desire, hope, dissatisfaction or discontentment and that is where we begin.


Cost is $100.00 Cdn per session. Session is 45-60 minutes. Session can be done on Skype, Zoom, Telephone or In Person.

If You are ready to be

More Active

in Creating Your Life,

Contact me now!

Think of this like counselling

with someone

who has many more tools than just words.

Limited Time Offer
Limited Time Offer
Limited Time Offer




- Are you living the life you want?
- Do you feel like your life is “in order”

- Do You like the person You are Becoming? 
 - Do you “create” your life, or merely passively accept and deal with what life brings to You?
- Are You in the driver’s seat of Your Life, or merely a passenger in the back seat?
- Do You feel like you are in Your Power?
- Do you feel like you are living Your Best Life Now?

 If you answer “no”

to any of these questions,

then Life in Order Coaching 

can be of service to you.


How many sessions?

This is a process that can require 2-4 sessions, or could be as many as 10 sessions.

We might work weekly, bi weekly or monthly.

You will get homework from each session. 

We do record each session and a link to download that recording is provided.


Content of the sessions?

In some sessions we are questioning you, to bring awareness to the patterns of behavior that are, in fact, directing your life, unconsciously. In other sessions, we will do some channeling, some Theta work or Inner Child Work to release the blocks or patterns and bring in new energies. Other sessions, we will use Heart Cord Repair work to release you from the echoing bonds of old relationships that still bind and control you. Still other sessions, we will use a combination of any of these tools.

What we use, when we use it, is tailored to You, guided by Your Soul Essence, Your Higher Self, The Creator of All That is. 

Investment in Your Life Journey :

$130.00 + taxes Cdn 

Session is usually 45-60 minutes, recorded.

Session can be done on Online or Telephone.

What we do,

When we do it,

Is determined by

Your Soul Journey,

by Your Higher Self,

by the Creator of All That is.

Contact me directly.
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