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a meditation to OPEN UP


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Sample: Opening Up
Intro & Meditation
Listen and notice your body's response.

In this, our "Opening Up" Meditation, we are guided to encourage our chakras to open up, one by one. As each chakra opens, we are then guided to invite Creator's energies into that chakra. With each chakra open, our body also opens, our essence is encouraged and nourished by the highest vibrational energies of the Creator of All That Is. We are then open and now can come into closer connection, have more access to our Divine Self ... Soul/Higher Self/Guides. As well as bringing connection possibilities, this meditation brings safety and gratitude to each chakra. The safer we are, the more open we can be, and the more open we are, the stronger our relationship with the Divine can become. 

This is an excellent exercise to strengthen our Divine Partnership between the Divine Mind, the Divine Heart and the Divine Creator of All That Is; an meditative exercise that can be used again and again.

Experience the Wholeness of Who You Are!


This class includes an introductory teaching about what it means to "open up",  and then the Opening Up Meditation itself. 

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If you are looking to feel more open in a general way.

This is your meditation!

If you are wanting to feel more connected to the energies, to Higher Self, to the Creator.

This is your meditation!

If you feel stuck in the same old, same old.

This is your meditation!


Total Class: 66.28 min

Teaching and Meditation

Introduction:  5.25 min

Meditation Time: 61.03 min

Cost : $18.00 Cdn 

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