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 I often see Traditional Reiki as "COURAGE",

energetic courage to remind You and Your Body

"Yes, You can!".

Session Available,

In Person ONLY. 

Usually 45-60 minutes. 

Investment in Your Healing:

$100.00 Cdn. 

In this session, we apply the

traditional Usui Reiki techniques

in a hands on healing session.


In a "Simply" Reiki Session, we aim to remind your physical body who its Creator was by bringing Divine Energy into the body. Then, your physical body remembers how powerful it truly is, and how much healing it can do for itself. 

In a "Simply" Reiki Session, we strive to free the physical body from stress and worry. 

In a "Simply" Reiki Session, we connect to the Creator of All That Is for you and bring Divine Creator energies to you, using the Traditional teachings of Dr. Usui. 

This session is "Simply" a Reiki Session. 

We use the Reiki Symbols as taught by Dr. Usui.


Symbols are bestowed on a Reiki Practitioner from at Level Two, and Masters Level. I am a Reiki Master.

The symbols I use are those that Dr. Usui, a Christian Monk, received when he prayed to God to show him how Jesus healed.

These symbols are drawn by my imagination, on your body and are intended to "call" divine healing energy in to assist you, your body, and your life, in whatever way the Creator sees is needed.  Always, the Creator directs and decides. I am not deciding or "reading" you. I am the vehicle for the Reiki Forces. 


We do not use anything else. No Inner Child, No Ho'noponopono  or Theta tools. Those tools are used in our Restorative Reiki Session only.

Click on the underlined words for details about Restorative Reiki. 

This session is "Simply Reiki". 

Time for you. 

Reiki Energy to assist you to relax and

restore yourself back from the stresses and strains

of life and living.  

Offered from our heart, through our heart, to yours. 


Practically, here is what to expect: 

You stay fully clothed. 

You will  lay down on a massage table, on your back. 

You will close your eyes and relax, even sleep if you need to.

I will lay my hands on you, palms resting gently on your body. 

I will move my hands from one part of the body to

another in the way that Dr. Usui taught.

I will leave my hands in one place

for anywhere from 2 minutes to 10 minutes. 

Full session is 45-60 minutes in length. 

What will you feel? 

You can feel : warmth, tingling, peaceful, relaxed, sleepy ...

it is different for each person. 

You can leave the session feeling: renewed, relaxed, stronger,

ready for your life again! 

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