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Ideas to open your mind and create questions. 

Ideas to open your heart and make space.

Ideas to encourage you to be more. 

I have found, after 31 years of travelling on a spiritual journey, there are many small ideas and understandings that I have acquired from teachers, courses, books and from my own direct experience as a full time channel. On this page, we have decided to put all those "snippets" of information in one place. Some will be written; some will be video. 

Offered from My Heart to Yours! 


Snippets of Wisdom

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Remember : these all come from my direct experience and are offered for your consideration and discernment. 

Your discernment is your

duty to yourself.

Do not take this as truth, that will defeat our purpose. 

instead, consider, bring  these ideas into your heart and see if they resonate with you. 

Does this feel true for you? 

If not, discard it. That is your duty to your self! 


video snippets - September 2019
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video snippets - October 2019
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written editions

Snippets of Wisdom

written snippit - 17-09-19
Connection through
Creator to All
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written snippet - 20-09-19
How Old Do Your Feel, Right Now? 
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written snippit - 19-09-19
Connection- Development and Healing
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written snippet - 25-09-19
Surrender vs Resignation. What is the Difference? 
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