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written snippit - 17-09-19
Connection through
Creator to All




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Today, we would like to explore what “connection” can be in this “Snippet of Wisdom”.

As always, I remind you that we offer these wisdoms for your consideration and discernment. These all come from my experience and my beliefs and are offered to you, to assist you in your own development and journey to Oneness.

As my ability to channel developed, I moved from reading Tarot Cards to a connected channel that required no tools. When I used Tarot Cards, though, I always asked God/Creator to bless me in my usefulness to the client I was working with.

Now from a connection perspective, that meant I was connecting to God/Creator FIRST and then allowing that connection to guide me to whatever else was needed for my client that day.  

What I did not realize in doing this; I was establishing an open channel to “all that is” through my innocent trust and need to be in God’s service. I remember clearly asking God to deliver through me any of His words that were not getting through to the people directly. I was in innocence in that request, in service in the truest sense of the word.

It was not until years later, when I took my Theta Healing Training (Vianna Stibal) that I came to understand what my innocent connection method truly meant.

In that Theta classroom, our teacher was teaching us about wayward energies (also called attachments) that could drain us of our light. I sat in innocence, truly not understanding what she was talking about. She then took us through an exercise to discern how many “waywards” were attached to each of us. After the exercise, as each revealed how many waywards they had – 15, 144, 21, ... I sat perplexed and confused. Then it came to my turn, I said I must have done it wrong. Our teacher asked why. I answered because, I had none? The teacher smiled and confirmed that this was true. I was embarrassed, uncertain ... She then asked me to tell everyone why there were no waywards with me. I thought a moment and she nodded, like she could hear my thoughts. “Yes” she said, “tell them”. “Is it”, I said “because I always connect to the God/Creator first before I do anything else and always have?”

She nodded and smiled. And in that moment, I came to truly understand what my innocent trust had built for me over all these years. She then explained that in connecting to the Creator of All That Is first, I had access to all dimensions and all beings of energy but was directed to them by the Creator and so my relationship with them was in a protected and sacred space; that meant free from interference and free from wayward spirits.

I offer this story to you today as something you could experiment with for yourself. In your meditations, readings, treatments and sessions – let yourself first connect to the Creator (however you know that one to be) and then from Creator’s direction, let yourself be led in all else that is to happen in that moment. Experiment with this. See how it feels and where it takes you.

In our spiritual journey, I believe, we are travelling from a separated state to a state of Oneness, connection. And so consider, connecting to the Oneness through the Creator and allow your sense of Oneness to grow accordingly. The Creator will only move you at the pace you are ready for, stretching you every now and again, but never testing you. For your journey to Oneness is about recovering, step by step, what was left behind when we walked away into separation.

A perspective, a Snippet of Wisdom, offered from my heart to yours, Amen.

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