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written snippit - 19-09-19
Connection- Development and Healing

Friends, we continue to share “snippets of wisdom” for you to consider and discern. The following words may be useful or may not. I am sharing my wisdom that it has evolved over the last 25-30 years. It is offered from my heart to yours.

Today, we want to talk about how our connection to “all that is” develops over time. As you may now know from my videos and other writing, I started out doing Tarot Card Reading in the mid 1990’s. My abilities blossomed over the years and as they did, I saw something in myself and in my colleagues that was quite amazing.

Several of us all started out at the same time and we meditated together in the same group for some years. We all took many of the same courses and yet went our own separate ways, as the years went on.

It is interesting to me that often the courses we take are not always to “become” something but instead to change and grow.

The journey in growth, I have found, seems to have cycles to it. I share this perspective today so that you will not get discouraged in your journey when things change, get difficult or failure seems to arrive.

The cycles I am speaking about seem to be two – the first cycle is the cycle of Development and the second seems to be the cycle of Healing.

In the cycle of Development, we are developing and learning new skills and abilities. Our mind is expanding and allowing for new possibilities and our Heart is opening to allow us to become more than we used to be. We seem, in this cycle of Development, to move wonderfully through these openings and we orchestrate new experiences and see ourselves in a whole new light. And then ... the cycle of Healing begins.

The start of the cycle of Healing begins, often, with some failures. What was once easy and exciting becomes dull and often not as clear or as possible as it once seemed.

These symptoms signal that you have reach as far as you can in your Development for now. In fact, you have reached so far that you have hit a Wall. Your inner self has said “ok, far enough, we cannot go any further than this... we cannot be this good, this clear, this .....”

The cycle of Healing has begun. It is now time to put aside the courses for developing new skills and focus on healing the inner self. It is now time to spend some time talking to the limited self, to the self that is now at the edge of your comfort zone and afraid to go any further.

You have reached the edge of your comfort zone and your inner self cannot allow any more growth, it too risky and..... This cycle is different for each person, but what seems to be for most of us is that we can no longer increase our abilities until we do some healing work within ourselves.

We are going to suggest to you that the growth and development of skills and abilities is 40 percent Development and 60 percent Healing. We have to make space within ourselves for the “person we can become” by making peace with the person we are and the memories he/she carries. When we come to the edge of the cycle of Healing, those memories are now in the way of any further change.

Think of your inner world as a garden. We can feed the plants of skills and abilities but for truth growth to happen, the garden must also be weeded, regularly. Development and Healing requires both growth and weeding. Before we can embrace the idea of “if I can do this, what else can I do” we must spend time with the part of us that says “I can do no more! I simply can’t!” And, the approach to this part of us is with love, compassion, understanding and a firm hand of time to change!

Words to consider when your spiritual journey seems to have stalled or worse, feels like you are stuck. Stuck? No. In need of healing? Yes!

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