New Reading!!

The "emotional healing" referred to here is now

both Restorative Reiki and Inner Child Work. 

The "coaching" referred to here

 is now Life In Order Coaching.

The Meditation Class referred to here is

where the Meditation CDs for sale have come from. 


My spiritual journey started in 1998 as I was first introduced to Reiki.  Soon after I went to my first meditation class with Donna and David Somerville.   
Donna has been instrumental in my spiritual journey, she has guided me over the years.  Her readings have given me a new perspective on an old situation, a pattern or something I have had trouble releasing.  It is an aha moment every time I have a reading!
The work she does with Reiki, Emotional Healing and Coaching is not comparable to any other healing service I have received.  It is unique, very deep and meaningful.  It shifts me every time and as I process and go on an inward journey it has helped me to grow from the inside out.

I am very grateful to have had Donna as a teacher as she is very grounded, heart spoken and has a natural ability to teach.  She is a teacher's teacher.  She trains and mentors until you reach your own Mastery and can then go and pass this onto others.

M.A.NB Canada


A Soul Reading with Donna is such a gift. Scanning your energetic field, she connects to your own inner wisdom on what needs to be  addressed and healed at that time. Even more deeply touching than the accuracy of the information provided, is the profound sense of and connection to, a wisdom that is powerful and loving. Counsel suggestions on how to proceed following the reading are also very helpful and transformational. Thank you, Donna, for consistently helping me to access, heal and  return to myself... Love .... Anonymous

Donna's Soul Readings are truly adventurous journeys: Very exciting, stimulating, and sustainable!

She offers igniting insights to your soul and her interpretations and images she offers are full of warmth and love.  

SR, Germany

Dear Donna, 

What an impact the Questions FROM Soul Reading had on me, and it’s still continuing! Encountering my soul at the beginning of the reading created such unexpected and deep joy within my heart…like the dearest friends reuniting. I was very moved at the reality of “our” connection and its strength. I have continued to tap into that connection and the love and joy. I find I can reconnect to my soul as a great source of comfort, reassurance and wisdom since the interview.


My soul asked a “why” question of me that I am still pondering. Why and how am I limiting myself in this way when my soul sees no obstacle? As a result, I am stretching myself in new ways and having more fun. I am realizing my gifts and talents more after hearing my soul point them out.


Yes! I would have another Questions FROM Soul Reading! These two major impacts alone have led to a huge healing within me that unfolded over the week following the “interview”. I see my choices and possibilities much more clearly now and I feel hugely and intimately supported by love and wisdom. What a gift this process has been!


New Reading!!

I had a most powerful Soul Reading which caused me to truly make a deep commitment to healing my desperation and healing my life. Donna was very present with me as I took the next step, and then the next, back to life - she was there to provide clarification, insight, and encouragement through the following months of challenging self-growth work. No other channel has been so crystal clear, so respectfully present, and true for me. I have worked with various gifted healers, psychics, and energy workersthroughout my adult life. Donna has been the best fit for me.

Anonymous, MA USA. 

I first contacted Donna to do a reading, having heard from several good friends that she was very insightful. She was more than that, she was on target with every person I asked her about in a way that helped me to understand each of those relationships better and even more to trust my own intuition about them.

Because of the helpfulness of the readings I decided with a friend to take the Intuitive Development Course and we have been doing this for several months now. The Unified Heart Meditation that Donna offers as part of this continues to expand every time I do it.

She is quick to respond by email with comments and suggestions on what I send her as part of the course. It has been a great experience and I highly recommend it.


The course referred to here is  our correspondence course

 "Hearing Soul Voice, Knowing Soul Wisdom".

Email me for information on this at donnasom@nbnet.nb.ca

Several years ago I was in deep pain, despondent and very confused - lost from myself. A friend, Aimee, had worked with Donna - as had many of Aimee's friends - during a dark night of the soul and it had transformed her. She suggested that Donna might help me - both of us felt chills of recognition when Aimee spoke those words. Yes, Donna would be there for me.

I had a most powerful Soul Reading which caused me to truly make a
deep commitment to healing my desperation and healing my life. Donna was very present with me as I took the next step, and then the next, back to life - she was there to provide clarification, insight, and encouragement through the following months of challenging self-growth work. No other channel has been so crystal clear, so respectfully present, and true for me.
I have worked with various gifted healers, psychics, and energy workers
throughout my adult life. Donna has been the best fit for me. Last November I engaged Donna for a mentoring session and I am so very pleased with our work in that format. She continues to steward my growth and progress by mirroring what it is that I have accomplished via personal growth and realignment, as well as offering very clarifying and easily understood guidance when she perceives I need it and how it is most productive to speak it so I truly hear it and take it in. As a result of my previous work with the Soul Reading coupled with the mentoring work, I have turned a corner, and am a world away from where I was when I first contacted her.

She has walked with me to the threshold where I have greeted and embraced the expression of my True Beloved Self, and I see my human beauty more clearly than ever in my life. I cannot thank her deeply enough for the gift of life she has helped me discover for myself.

Anonymous, MA USA

The mentoring session referred to

here is now Life In Order Coaching.

Every year or when traumatic things happened, I have contacted Donna to have a reading.  The information given has always brought great perspectives and knowledge that brought me peace, understanding and ways to move forward.  The readings brought me a view from a helicopter perspective as opposed to a view from my car.  In my car I can only see a few meters in front of me, while from the chopper, the view is vast...even around corners.  Thank you Donna for being you!

I.U. from Ottawa ON Canada

"Turning Point Therapy" 

is now called Inner Child Work.


My Soul Readings with Donna have absolutely been life changing. The clarity with which she gives her reading and the information contained therein has helped me see blockages, understand low times in my life, and has opened me up to the wonders that are in store for me. Even when I'm not able to understand some of the messages in the moment, I often go back and listen to the readings weeks or months later and I'm amazed how messages I wasn't ready for the first time resonated with me and my journey weeks later!

I was skeptical when I first reached out to Donna, but I now get readings at least once or twice a year. I have also used Donna for Turning Point Therapy, which was incredibly valuable to me personally. I have sent many people to Donna (who were also skeptical at first) and they now all use her 'gift' regularly as well. I can't say enough good things, and words fall short. It is something you need to experience for yourself. If you are on the fence, I would highly recommend just trying it out.

BethM from MN USA

I have known Donna Somerville for close to 20 years.  I met her when she did a Soul Reading on a pre-moving-to-Fredericton visit. In all this time, I have known Donna to be a gifted angel.  She shares her light with all who want to partake of it.  Her ability to interpret and communicate information that is meaningful to each of us is remarkable. 

Donna walks the talk – as much and as well as few I have known.

Anne Marie Hartford, April 2016

I have yet to re listen to my Questions FROM Soul Reading however I'm guessing when I do I'll understand even better and get even more healing from it.

I did receive healing from the session and gained insight into how to get closer to soul... Something broke free in me while getting this Reading done, like there was a block that was removed and I could now heal deeper and move forward without the baggage that I had been carrying. It was like a new flood if emotion was unleashed or allowed out which is immensely and deeply healing by nature. The guidance was clear and easily understood and I'm looking forward to listening again to gain even more understanding after having some time to process and allow the knowledge to integrate.

 CR, New Brunswick

 I have had numerous Soul Readings with Donna over the past 8 years --- during periods of difficulty or when questions have arisen concerning my spiritual path, or issues arising from my relationships with dear ones, issues of both a "spiritual" nature as well as more "mundane" issues. 
Donna has been able to offer clear, precise, "right-on" and most often deeply profound insight and, most especially, spiritually helpful Guidance that has truly served me.  Donna's Soul Readings have been deeply instructive---I have come to trust her work and deeply value it. I feel alot of gratitude to have Donna in my life ---- and I have never met her physically!  All her Readings have been "distance Readings."  I heartfully recommend Donna Somerville's work!  ---

SC, Watertown, MA, USA