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written snippet - 25-09-19
Surrender or Resignation? What is the difference? 

There is an belief for some of us, that surrender is not always a good thing. Today, in “Snippets of Wisdom” we suggest that it is the Mind that resists surrender. We also suggest that if there is resistance to surrender, and that resistance is explored, the problem in not in the action of surrender but in the definition of surrender.

Surrender and Resignation are NOT the same thing and yet to the mind they can often be synonymous.  As I perceive the difference, it is not the mind that can even tell the difference. It is the Heart! Because the difference between surrender and resignation is a feeling, not a dictionary definition, only the Heart truly understands surrender.

We ask you to consider today that resignation is a hopeless action. It feels like there is no choice remaining. The feeling of giving up is present when I feel resignation. It is not an active word, it is a stalling and slowing feeling that is found within the action of resigning yourself to something.

Whereas, surrender is more hopeful when it is felt in the Heart; surrender is an offering to the Creator of All That Is. It is an offering that says “I do not know ....” and with that action of not knowing, comes movement, support and change.

We suggest today that Surrender is not giving up but giving in.... giving in to that which is beyond our control... giving in to that which we cannot understand or control. And it is this admittance that the Mind finds so intolerable. It is the pride of self that resists the action of surrender, and only the pride.

Resignation contains defeat and with defeat, the judging mind can then move into blame. If we are defeated, then there is an enemy and so there is someone who “defeated” us and so someone or something is to blame. There is no self responsibility here.

Surrender is a simple act of allowing the idea of not knowing to be acceptable. No defeat. No blame. It is an act between you and the Creator of All That Is that says simply “help”. Plain and simple.

Now, do not take our word for it, please. These “Snippets of Wisdom” are all about you considering what we are saying and playing with our ideas. And so, to “play” with surrender here is an exercise.


Let yourself sit comfortably, in a meditative state. We are not asking for a lot of time. This could take as little as 15 minutes.

Sit, breathe, and settle into your chair. Focus on your Heart, your fourth chakra Heart, upper chest area. Then bring to mind something that is troubling you, a worry. Imagine that worry as a ball of colored light. What color would that worry be?

Now, on your next in breath, gather all of that colored light – that worry – into a ball of light.

Then, on the out breath, push that ball of colored light worry away – SURRENDER it!

SURRENDER it to the Creator of All That Is, however you know that one to be – God, Mother/Father/God, Universe ....

Then do it again. In Breath, gather the worry into something that you can push away on your out breath.

In Breath, gather...

Out Breath, surrender...

Keep doing this until there is no trace of that worry.

It is necessary in surrender that every trace of that which is being surrendered is offered to the Creator.

Then come back to your breath and feel the empty space that worry once occupied.

Now, next in breath, fill that empty space with the light of Creator.

Then sit a few minutes more to let everything settle into place. And, the exercise is complete.


SURRENDER, a wonderful way to ask for help from the One that has all the solutions you could never think of yourself.

Offered for your consideration. From our Heart to Yours.

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