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Here is how it happened? 

I was listening to a channeling from Abraham/Hicks in conversation with Wayne Dyer,

And I wondered....

What if Abraham interviewed Dyer, instead of Dyer asking of Abraham? What if Soul could question us? Could that work? 

And this new reading is the result!! D.

Interested in what clients have to say about these Questions

FROM Your Soul Readings?


UPDATE    25-05-18

Now that we have been doing these readings for a few months now, I want to call them "sessions" as this reading continues to evolve.

Each session is different but what is common to all, is that each person remarks that after this session, they have never felt "more connected" and "closer" to their soul before!

These sessions seem to be part reading, part healing and all about connection. 

It is a wonder, what creation brings when we are brave enough to allow it! 

Blessings. D. 

How is different

from any other reading?

The easiest way I have found to explain the difference in this reading from any other is this: 

With a Soul Reading it is as if we deliver groceries to your door. At some later time, you open your door and you accept those groceries and bring them in. 

In this reading, it is as if when you answer the questions FROM your Soul, you open your door to your Soul. Soul comes in, with your groceries, Soul brings them to your kitchen, AND Soul put everything exactly where it belongs!!

Questions FROM Your Soul


Questions FROM Your Soul 

Cost is by time:

First 20 minutes, $80.00 Cdn; 

21-40 minutes, $100.00 Cdn; 

41-60 minutes, $120.00 Cdn. 

Recorded and link provided for download. Burned CD mailed is available, additional cost $8.00 Cdn.

Average session has been 30-35 minutes long, but we allow them to go longer if required.

Recorded and download link provided via email.

Questions FROM Your Soul? 

What?  How?  Why?

First, as I explained, this came from a simple idea. I call it a "reverse reading". What if we could allow our Soul to question us about our life, our journey and the directions we are moving in. 


Because as Abraham/Hicks says

"We are the leading edge of creation."

Which means, because of FREE WILL, our human self has great power with our use of the words, "Yes" and "No"!

Our Soul can orchestrate situations, our guides can arrange signs but ultimately, it is our human personality that says yes or no to all possibilities. We are, each, in charge of our Soul Journey. 

But, How? 

As with my Soul Readings and other services, I am able to connect to your Soul Essence and channel from that vibrational state. When I got this idea, I asked Creator to teach me how. And, with some practice and some fine tuning, I can now do it! We can now bring your human self closer to the your Soul Self. 


When I do my channeling work, I make connection through the Creator of All That Is, and from there to Your Soul Essence. But it is "ME", not YOU that is in connection. 

In this Questions FROM Your Soul, I make the initial connection BUT now, we also bring YOU into connection. 

In this Questions FROM Your Soul Reading, it feels as if your Soul is closer to you, more connected to YOU and YOU to SOUL!


We connect to Your Soul and then allow Your Soul to pose questions to you. 

Messages are delivered after you have answered the question(s).

At the end of the reading, you can then ask one personal question about anything you need to.

You MUST be present in some form for this reading and so this reading is done 



Your presence and interaction are required. 

Contact me directly.
Use this form.
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