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Interested in what clients have to say about these Soul Readings?


SOUL READING, the details : 

Total Session is 40-45 minutes, depending upon how detailed your two (2) questions are.

Recorded. Link sent to You for downloading. 



$150.00 Cdn. + taxes + fees

 taxes in Canada; International, fees, no taxes.


The messages in a Soul Reading are unique to each person. There is no formula to a Soul Reading. We connect to Oneness and from there use your name to enter your life journey. Once in connection we "say what we see" and your reading is unique. The messages are most often a review of your life now, where you are and how you are from the inside out. What abilities are seeking to be developed. What wounds are ready to be healed. Each reading is tuned to the your present moment and seeks to offer support and guidance on how best to live in these moments.  

Your Turn to Ask Questions: 

After the messages, You then have an opportunity to receive more guidance through your questions. You can ask two personal questions about anything and everything.

Personal questions can be about anything in your life: general health, specific health conditions, emotions, career, struggles, abilities, directions, etc. 


Ask about the people in your life. Using their name, we will connect and explore the "contract" you have with this person on a Soul Level. We will speak for 5 - 7 minutes about your Soul Promises to each other. You can then ask two questions specifically about that relationship if needed.


ONLINE using Zoom




See below on the right, for details of how our remote work is done without you present.

SESSION is recorded and a link is provided

 for downloading.

Make your appointment,
use form below. 

INVESTMENT $150.00 Cdn
+ taxes + fees

 taxes in Canada; International, no taxes.

Success! Message sent!

Sessions are available Online,
or "Remotely". 
What does that mean?
 All we need is Your Permission to
access and read. 


Before there was "ONLINE"....

​I started out, more than 25 years ago,  doing all this work  remotely and mailing out cassettes. Now, our technology has caught up with the Oneness and we work online. I can still do this work remotely, if you are not an online kind of person.  

We do not need You present in the room. All we need is Your Permission to access. 

Remotely means that we move into a blended state of Oneness and connect, to Your Soul Journey, using your name. 

We then see/perceive your journey and speak to what we see. 

We connect, record what is said and then send you the link to download the recording. 

With Remote work, you have two (2) months to come back to me, via email, with any clarifying questions from the reading. We can clarify anything that is said. We cannot move into new areas, but can clarify anything that has been said in your reading.  

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