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THE SOUL READING with a focus. . .

As my beliefs evolve, what becomes available to me in a Soul Reading also changes.

Now, personally, I am exploring the power of Divine Partnership between Heart and Mind, and now my readings are also able to review this powerful partnership. 

Now, a simple Soul Reading can be focused to map out the healing journey required to allow a powerful divine partnership, uniting a Divine Heart with a Divine Mind. 

We focus the reading on what is preventing you from "getting outta your head" and allowing your mind to hear and trust your heart.  

Now choose a Regular Soul Reading OR  A Soul Reading focused on how to "get outta your head".  

SOUL READING, the details : 

Total Session is 35-40 minutes, depending upon your two (2) questions.

Recorded. Link sent to You for downloading. 

Or, mailed, burned CD available at an additional charge of $8.00 Cdn.

INVESTMENT   $120.00 Cdn 

After we have delivered the messages, You then have an opportunity to receive more guidance as directed by your questions. You can make two requests : two personal questions OR ask about two people from your life OR ask one personal question and ask about one person.


Personal questions can be about anything in your life: general health, specific health conditions, emotions, career, struggles, abilities, directions, etc. 


Asking about the people in your life. Ask about them by name. Using their name, we will explore their life purpose in your life, "the dance" you are doing together this lifetime. You can then ask two questions specifically about your relationship.






See side bar, below on the right, for details of how our distance work is done.

Sessions are available on line,

or "From a distance".


From a Distance? 

What does that mean?


We do not need You present with us. 

All we need is Your Permission.

"From a Distance" means that we move into a blended state and connect, to Your Soul Essence, using your name, .

We become "one" with Your Soul Essence and channel from that space. 


We sit in our space, as if You were there with us, connect and speak, record what is said and send it to you as link to download. 


All we need is Your Permission. 

From a Distance! 

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INVESTMENT   $120.00 Cdn

In this 5 min video, we explain how a soul reading works when we use the specific focus of what is in the way of your Divine Partnership. Forgive that I am not looking into the camera, I was still in channel when we made this.

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