soul solutions: the truth about You

About You : Your Heart

Your Journey, Your Life

Allow us to Provide a Connection Between

You and Your Wisdom.


Wisdom has several sources, some in this reality, more in other realities.

There is Heart Wisdom or Intelligence,

quite literally accessed through "the little brain in our Heart".

There is the wisdom of the Reference Library that

contains past life experiences of Your Self and others.

And finally, there is the wisdom of the Creator of All That Is

that translates to here, though Your Soul Essence. 


Over the last nearly 25 years now, I have learned and experienced

the wisdom of each of these levels and more. 

That experience has led me to develop an Ability;

an ability to consciously connect,

and speak from whatever level of wisdom you need.

I am directed to that wisdom by The Creator of All That Is.. 

May I offer to You, access to Your Wisdom? 

Guided by the Creator,

May we be of service to You? 

Not just an information reading but a session that provides perspectives on Your Life, homework to understand and create change in Your reactions to Your Life. All useable information for You in Your life. How is that possible?  Click here to know more. 

We connect to Your Soul and then allow Your Soul to pose questions TO YOU. 

You answer those questions and that forms a connection between You and Your Soul!

What would that be like? Want to know more, click here!

Available until
February 28th

We have arrived at another new year! Time seems to be moving so quickly now. Energies seem to shift, emotions seems to react, what is it all about? Ascension? Healing? Growth? What do you need to know to "use" this new year well? Let us guide you through the maze of ascension, of healing, of growth that is Your Soul Journey. Available until February 28th each year. You will get at least 12 months of information. Want to know more, click here! 


Available on  Zoom!

You need ANSWERS!

You have questions that need answering. You need to understand your life. Allow us to offer You connection to the part of Your Self that has all the answers. Have a conversation with Your Higher Self!

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NOW available on line, using Zoom,

ask your questions "in person".

Discuss, explore, and ask for more detail.