Available Each Year

 from November 1st

to February 28th. 


Reading is  20 - 25 minutes in length. 

Cost $80.00 +taxes Cdn.


We begin this reading with an over view of the coming year in terms of the highs and lows of the energies, and their general effect. Then we move into more details, examining, month by month, the energy shifts that you will experience and how all of your bodies (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) will be affected by these shifts. We look at you and the new year energies in terms of bioenergetics, emotions, physical health and mental clarity. We often speak of when the best time will be to make changes and sometimes even the changes that need to be made. 

Available from November to February and regardless of when you ask for the reading, you will receive 12 months of guidance. This reading is ONLY done "distance" which means no communication between us, and no questions are answered. We set up your appointment, channel the reading and send you the recording. 

This is a gift to yourself, or for someone else, that will keep on giving! Clients report that they often consult this guidance, month by month as the journey unfolds over the coming year.


A wonder filled gift of guidance that is a tool to direct you on how best to use the energies of the new year in Your Journey, actively and efficiently. 


Reading is From a Distance Only. 


Reading 20-25 minutes long, is recorded, and available for download.

Sessions are available In person,

or "From a distance".


From a Distance? 

What does that mean?


"From a Distance" means that we move into a blended, Oneness space and connect, using your name, to Your Soul Essence.

We become "one" with Your Soul Essence and channel from that space. 

We do not need You present with us. 

All we need is Your Permission.


We sit in our space, as if You were there with us, connect and speak, record what is said

and send it to you. 


All we need is Your Permission. 

From a Distance! 

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