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written snippit - 20-09-19
How Old Do You Feel Right Now? 

Our Snippet of Wisdom today turns your attention to the Heart as a place we often store our emotional memories of life. When the Heart becomes our store room, it can be difficult to truly feel alive to the love and opportunities that are offered to us in the present moment. Often new relationships or new opportunities can be greeted with uncertainty or even skepticism. We suggest most often Heart’s uncertainty is demonstrated in “talking ourselves out of something” that has been offered to us as a new experience.

Our Heart “knows” our history, often through the hurts of that history. When our Mind senses any similarity to the hurts of before, it immediately becomes the defender of our Heart and we feel an urge, often a need, to step away. This stepping away can unconsciously move us directly into a dance with “the same old, same old” of our life. But when we are craving something new, the safe “old” place is not enough. And yet we can so easily talk ourselves out of that “new” when it arrives. Why?  

I often hear in my practice, that “I can’t” ... there is that phrase again. The “I can’t” phrase is truly the call to healing. It is a signal that the Heart is pulling away and the Mind is stepping forward in defense of all that could go wrong in this new situation.

What if it was possible for the Heart to be its own defense? What if the entire defense system could be rebooted? What if it was possible for the Heart’s strength to be rediscovered, so much so, that the Mind’s controls would no longer be needed?

What is the “Heart’s defense”? It is the KNOWING of the Heart! It is the WISDOM of the Heart! And for this knowing wisdom to be accessed, the past must be completed, resolved and finished so that the truth of the present moment can lead.

What does that mean?

Often, we unknowingly remain, emotionally, in the difficult situations of our life. This is because some of those emotional moments remain open, alive in some imaginary way. And when this happens it is hard to know where the present moment is. A simple question to discover “where” you are, is: “How old do I feel right now?” Often the answer to this can lead to an earlier stage of life, or even a past life.

The answer to this simple question can lead to the starting point of the healing journey. How old do I feel right now? And then, if we can manage to be detached enough, we can have an imaginary conversation between You now and You then. This is where healing takes place.

It is time to realize that every reaction, every thought may not be of this present moment; of this person or this situation. But instead, it is an emotional memory and we have floated back into that memory. Once in that memory, we then see today through the eyes of yesterday. We lose our experience, our strength, our wisdom and we step away from what might hurt us once again.

We offer these ideas as insight into the emotional healing process... It can be done alone in an imagined conversation or with journal writing. If you cannot hold detachment – if you cannot explore this past moment without getting lost in the emotions of it – then seek out someone to coach you through it ; someone to guide you through the process.

It is the still open past that drains away the true Heart strength of our present moment self. Consider this the next time you are in a strong reaction to a person, or situation. “How old do I feel right now?” And then dance with the answer, kindly, patiently with detached awareness.

Offered for your consideration and discernment.

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