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In this Session,

we access Your Higher Self

and ask for Guidance to Design

Your Personal Spiritual Practice.


Where can You focus Your Meditations?

What is possible for You in Your Journey Now?

What Abilities are You ready to Develop?


We are asking Your Higher Self to design, uniquely for You,

Your Private Spiritual Practice. 

Meditation? Journal Writing? Breathing Exercises? 

Daily, Weekly, Monthly?


What can You work on now to feel more connected, 

more expansion, more growth, more open hearted?






You give us Your Goals and we ask  Your Higher Self:

How can You work to achieve them NOW!

What needs clearing?

What requires attention to heal?

What is ready to be developed? 


This is what the 

Soul Directed Personal Spiritual Practice

is all about! 


Investment : $80.00 Cdn.

20-25 Minute Session.

Recorded and available for download

Burned to CD, mailed for $5.00 extra charge. 


Sessions available:

 In Person, Zoom, 

or From a Distance. 

How do I become more intuitive?


How do I open my heart?

Sessions are available In person,

or "From a distance".


From a Distance? 

What does that mean?


"From a Distance" means that we move into a blended, Oneness space and connect, using your name, to Your Soul Essence.

We become "one" with Your Soul Essence and channel from that space. 

We do not need You present with us. 

All we need is Your Permission.


We sit in our space, as if You were there with us, connect and speak, record what is said

and send it to you. 


All we need is Your Permission. 

From a Distance! 

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